Hi, I am a Storyteller.

Pick up an old book and you'll see photos of people who lived years, decades, or even centuries ago. Back when the camera was invented, photographs were a luxury. If you had one photo or even a painting of your family you were rich. Today when cameras and selfies are abundantly accessible, we still find ourselves hoping to not miss out on that special moment. Now the question seems to be, how do you live in the moment while trying to capture it? Better yet, how do you not waste that precious time simply trying to preserve it?

Did you have that aunt who always had her camera out? You know that family member who was always telling you to squeeze in next to your awkward cousins. Their hearts were always in the right place, but their faces somehow always managed to be behind the camera instead of being apart of the moments they were trying to preserve.

Looking back I'm so grateful for all of the stories my family has held onto with the help of photos. I see the value in reliving those moments with everyone who made them special. My aim is to capture every detail so you can not only live in the moments that matter most, but you can find the same spirit in them again when you see them laid out before you. These are your keepsakes, memories, legacies, and now your stories will remain as timeless as the moments you lived in.

Instead of capturing the moment, let me free your memories by allowing you to simply be apart of them.

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“"A story must be told or there'll be no story, yet it is the untold stories that are most moving."”