Hi, I am Amber Reid.

I'm a traveling photographer

Here's what you really need to know:

I love taking photos almost as much as I love people.

You are important, and so is your story.

I don't exist to 'photoshop' perfection. Yes, I edit but you're also going to get the real-ness (I hope that makes sense).

I've been doing this for over 10 years, so I have a lot of unique experience.

This is my full-time job along with co-owning a local studio in my hometown (The Local Archive)

Amber Reid

My Family

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My photographs share pieces of those memories you simply can't capture with words. The memory taking you back to smells at the lake after the 4th of July, the bitter cold that froze you to the bone when you went ice skating in Central Park, or that awesome anxious exhilarating thrill that made you question if you had a heart attack on that first rollercoaster. I'm here to help you reminisce all of those memories, the life you're living now, and the stories you've yet to tell.

So what is the first chapter you would like to start with?


Beth & Keenan

Absolutely loved working with Amber! She made us feel really comfortable and brought so much energy to the shoot. She had a great turn around with the pics as well! Highly encourage you to use her! So talented 🙏🏼