Welcome to my blog!

Amber's stories...

There is something so sweet about a blog. To me, it is a compilation of favorites and also a testimony of what difficult seasons can turn into. Since childhood, I have found that writing out my story has not only been a great way to journal, but it's actually been therapeutic. If you have known me for even a little while, you will recognize there is an archive of intricate details. From my adoption to my personal heritage and racial identity, to finding biological family and establishing my own family, from heartbreak to finding a forever love... There's all of this and more entangled in my story and so much more is still unfolding. As for now, I am a wife, mother, full-time business owner, and full-time student.

My hope is that this will become the place where those who resonate with even a sliver of my story can return and find a sense of being seen. Especially those with deep stories themselves! As someone who has struggled with the fear that my story placed me in the non-relatable category of "other," this is a space for those who have felt out of place or misplaced their whole lives. A place behind the scenes of the highlights in to the real, raw, and genuine life that is my own.