Last but not least,

What a wild and fun ride this has been. Sharing these amazing images and real blind dates has been so much fun. From planes to arcades, all of the ladies got to enjoy fun dates and Ben got to enjoy getting to know 3 amazing women.

The last date was with Bri who patiently waited all day for her chance at a connection with Ben. This waiting allowed her to have a little extra time as the final date was a 25 min drive north of the Fort to a vineyard and winery known as Country Heritage.

The sun was just beginning to set at the vineyard as we were arriving for the final date. I literally pulled over to the side of the grande entryway and said "Okay, you're about to be freezing, but I need to get this shot." This shot had me believing that Bri and Ben were quite possibly the most photogenic couple ever and also that they needed to be the stars of a Netflix movie. After they graciously gave me a few more stunning images, they were able to go inside and warm up...

Country Heritage is not only stunning year round on the outside, the inside is warm and inviting. From tastings to dining, they are able to transport you into a different world. This is something much needed in todays day and age. This business is amazing and so accommodating, they let us dine privately in their large dining room and also explore their barrel rooms. But first there was wine and charcuterie as the luxury date began.

But What About the Poorer Part?

So they obviously were able to go on this lux and extremely posh date, BUT the date card said, "For Richer or Poorer..." and I know you're all dying for me to tell you what the second part of our date involved. So, let me show you...

Both Ben and Bri were both given $5 and 5 minutes to go into the Dollar Tree and pick out "outfits" for their final photoshoot... Because even if you aren't ballin out on fancy date nights, dating should be fun! This date became the most talked about even after the shoot, and I definitely want to do another rendition of it. I'd say their outfits and the images speak for themselves!

But... Who did he ask on a second date?

Find out at tomorrow morning at 9am (EST) right here!